Building Up Your Brand

" Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room,"

Jeff Bezo, Amazon

Build up your brand today!

There was once a book written by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras, titled Build To Last published in 1994. In the book, they spoke about the habits of the visionary companies like Coco Cola, General Motors etc. Fast forward till today, the content written is still highly relevant. Nike, a sport apparel company is worth US$32 billion in terms of brand value. 

What is so important about building up your brand ?

Differentiation – In days when economy is booming, consumers spending power rises and the willingness to spend on perceived quality products or services increased. In moment like this, consumers will tend to sway their buying decisions towards brands that they have vivid memories about, whether is it due to publicity or past experiences. 

Relationship – There are thousand of consumer behaviour surveys completed annually and those surveys have consistently shown consumers are more willing to buy a product or acquired a service from companies that share the same values and beliefs as theirs. Authenticity and ethics are another common reason why consumers are willing to buy from that particular company. Branding comprises of being consistent with your company’s mission and vision and core values. 

Pricing – They are clutches, bags. But why certain brand command a higher pricing than the others? 

Recruitment – A company with strong branding will tend to attract quality recruitments as employees will feel proud associating themselves with the company. 

How can 3 Spots help?

By being your assistant. We pride ourselves to engage and assist Small Medium Enterprises of all industries. As long as you have the intention of building your business to last, moving up the value chain , we will be glad to offer our assistance. In every brand building process, the only constant is change. And the only change is being constant. While we embark on the brand building journey with you, our assurance is that we will strike the objective way beyond your satisfaction.