Increase Your Revenue

Revenue increasing?
We find ways to further increase them!


There are 101 ways to boost your revenue. And boosting of revenue is equivalent of doing marketing directly. So how do we go about doing that?

Facebook Targeted Audiences

In recent times, facebook marketing tools have evolved into audiences selectively. Our job at 3 pots is to ensure we pick the correct audiences, display the targeted information and capture their buying interest.

Search Engine Marketing

Its a commonly used term for digital marketing. However, at 3 pots , not only do we practiced captivating marketing terms, we do A/B testing on a bi weekly basis. With the occurance of A/B testing, we are able to constantly identify our targeted terms and affirmed or correct our assertions.

Youtube Display Advertisement

Constantly ranked the number 1 platform globally as the most used video streaming platforms, it is not surprising that we cannot afford to leave this platform out. While the effort is tedious in preparation of videos, advertisements, it is no doubt important to capture audience buying interest.

We at 3 pots believe in simplying processes. The more you do, the harder it is to correct them. 

3 methodologies, 3 steps – Assertion, Test, Improvement

How long will it takes to witness results ?

All advertising campaigns are launched with an end in mind – Boost Revenue. Its like dieting. 

The phase 1 of it will see instant results when you start to reduce your intake of food. 

Phase 2 is always the tricky part. This will be the period where we will be looking towards retargetting, upsizing, promotions to attract volume purchases. 

And lastly for Phase 3 will be the period of constant. If it is not broken, don’t fix it. 

How much does it cost?

We believe again in simplicity. We charged at a fixed rate depending on the complexity of the campaign. Simply treat as a a marketing arm for your company. As for the rest, it will strictly for the marketing campaign costing. 

How do we get it started?

Its either we pay you a visit or you find us @ 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Northstar Building. We do not charge like a lawyer for pre-case consultation. But then we are Professionals as well. So as long as the discussion its fruitful, we definitely will maintain our non-obligatory attitude towards prospective clients or partners!