Over the years, we have provided re-upholstery services for homes and commercial sites through our personalized workshop in Singapore. With over 40+ years of experiences, we are proud to call ourselves “made in Singapore”.

Re-upholstery services includes, refurbishing of sofas, dining chairs, beds and headboards with a brand new look that are meant to restore your furniture to possibly new conditions.

Re-upholstery Works:

  • Sofas, couches, chaise lounge
  • Beds, headboards
  • Dining chairs
  • Bay Windows cushions
  • Armchairs / lazy chairs

Why choose re-upholstery compared to purchasing a new piece of furniture?

  1. Confidence in quality
    • If the furniture has already been around for years, you can rest assure that the structure of the furniture are of lasting quality. Choosing re-upholstery provide you with a peace of mind that the structure will not crumple.
  2. Save the hassle of finding a new piece to can fit your home in regards to size, environment & habits
    • Buying a new piece of furniture will require several considerations. Size, color, texture and quality. These hassles can be reduced by only considering re-upholstery where decision is to be made only on the color.
  3. Zero defects upon delivery
    • It is common that furniture purchase will run into the risk of defects upon delivery. Typical reasons include, package mishandling, poor quality control over overseas manufacturers, inferior material
  4. A wide varieties of fabric choices in terms of texture, color, material
    • Our fabric library consist of over 20 catalogues for you to choose from. Polyester fabric, stained resistance , weather proof, synthetic PVC leather and genuine cowhides.
  5. Locally made PU foam that are guaranteed to last up to 7 years. (if you choose to add on)
    • Supported by local firm, our PU foam are indented from local manufacturer whom themselves have been around in the market since 1980s.

Couch / Sofa

Beds / Headboard

Dining Chair

1 Seater onwards
$320/ Seater
Super Single onwards
$580/ Set
Per Piece
$70/ Seater
Inclusive of our in-house fabric
Free transportation
2 weeks turnaround time

Free transportation
2 weeks turnaround time
Inclusive of our in-house fabric
Inclusive of our in-house fabric
Free transportation
1 week turnaround time

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