Adapt to the present, strive towards the future.


In today’s world, every campaign need to be quantifiable. At 3 Pots, we strived towards 3 Steps Approach. 

Assertion, Test, Improvement. 


We do not have to be a lady to understand how fashion works. All we need is Empathy.


Correct implementation of the assertions are vital to every campaign. No campaign is perfect, but without launching we will not get the effects.


The ability to analyse the data, pinpoint the mistakes/improvement will be the fundamentals towards a successful long term campaign.

Increasing Your Revenue

The most direct way to increase in revenue is to attract the maximum number of audiences within a certain timespan. The intention and focus of the campaign has to be clear; Revenue increment.  

We will work towards a plan within a timeframe, with a pre-determined budget and practice what we mentioned: Assertion, Test, Improvement. Via all possible avenues available within the budget. Key analytics data will be crucial in here. 

Building Up your Brand

The common misconception about brand value is that its tied to revenue increment. The fact is that brand value is pegged to profitability. A similar product thats sold between 2 companies can have a varying profit margin and that has to be relative towards why customers are willing to spend an additional X amount to buy at a premium. 

Building up your brand has to be a long term plan. Do you wish to build a business that last and build a company thats is valuable. At 3 Pots, we seek to identify and quantify a brand value through various analytics. And justification towards why our clients will be able to sell at a premium that